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Everything That Is Happening To You Is For Your Highest Good

If you choose love, nothing on this Earth can harm you. Love cannot say no to a request for love, and a request to accept God's glory is love requesting love. As a child of the Universe you are always evolving and changing. You are never stagnant even though it might seem so. Anytime you feel you are not growing you have not realized your Divine purpose, which is not a mystery or something you have to discover, it is your Heart's Love and Desire. Step away from the dark and know the Light. Most of the Universe is dark matter, and the light of the Universe which is always present is the Oneness and not the duality. Come back to your Divine Origin so that your purpose is the same as God's purpose for You. Align your purpose with the Divine in all you do, and you will know life in Abundance.

Cosmic Being: Identity and Consciousness website:cosmic

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